94-Year-Old Walks Onto the Dance Floor with a Walker. When She Does THIS, Everyone’s Jaw Drops

94-Year-Old Senior Mathilda Klein Ballroom Dances.

You’re only as old as you feel and 94-year-old Mathilda Klein feels like she is 26 again! She walks onto the dance floor with a walker with her dance partner and instructor Danny Maloney; however, minutes later, she stuns the audience when she begins to dance.

Just like this performance of Pete and Beulah Mae swing dancing, Mathilda proves age is just a number. She has been dancing her entire life but has been dancing with Maloney for the past eleven years. Many people half her age would have trouble performing her dance routine but she makes it look so easy.

Watch Mathilda Klein’s solo…


Mathilda Klein was 26 during WWII and loved dancing then as much as she does now. Her performance is not only impressive but also very inspiring because you can tell, Mathilda lives life to the fullest.

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