This Quick-Thinking Lifeguard Didn’t Know He Was Being Videotaped When He Did THIS!

Lifeguard Named Terry Saves a Child About to Drown in Beach.

When the temperature outside is warm, there is nothing better than hitting the beach for a refreshing swim with friends and family. A supervised beach is always recommended as lifeguards like Terry ensure that everybody is safe in the water. While the beach may seem calm, you never know when massive waves can hit.

On a season 8 episode of Bondi Rescue, Terry’s quick actions come into play. When Terry notices a young girl in the water trying desperately to stay above the raging waves, he quickly grabs his board and swims to her aid. It only takes seconds to drown but his quick actions led to the safe recovery of the little girl.

Watch this lifeguard named Terry save a drowning child…


Terry also recounts the touching story of his son which he lost at birth. Please share this brave lifeguard that saved a little girl from drowning with your friends and family.

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