8-Year-Old Boy Sings an Ed Sheeran Song on Ellen. Look Who Decides to Surprise Him!

Ed Sheeran is the ultimate performer and loves surprising his fans. Ed Sheeran surprised a girl at the mall while she was singing one of his songs and it was priceless. Ellen DeGeneres has featured many talented kids over the years and little Kai Langer is just as amazing.

Ed Sheeran Surprises 8-Year-Old Kai Langer Singing His Song on Ellen.

Ellen regularly invites Kai Langer on the show and she invited him on Valentine’s Day. Kai Langer presented Ellen with an adorable Valentine’s Day card and serenades her with Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud.” He presents her with the handmade card and says, “It’s a Valentine’s Day card! It says what I love about you and that you’re beautiful and you’re the best and you’re my first girlfriend and I love you.”

Just like a pro, Kai Langer keeps his eyes closed during the entire performance and puts all of his heart into it. Because he had his eyes closed, little did he know that his music idol, Ed Sheeran, was standing right next to him as he sang. His reaction when he finds out is adorable!

Watch 8-year-old Kai Langer’s surprise star-studded performance on Ellen…


As an added bonus, little Kai Langer also got a special surprise. Because he loves soccer, Ellen surprised him and his family with an all-expense-paid trip to Manchester, England to see his favorite soccer team play. Please share this special moment when an 8-year-old boy gets a surprise visit by Ed Sheeran with your friends and family.

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