She Put Peeps Inside a Cake and the End Result Was Awesome!

How to makes a giant Peeps cake.

As a kid, It wasn’t Easter until we received packages of Peeps and as an adult, they’re still a great treat around Easter. What is better than Peeps though? A giant Peeps cake full of delicious Peeps inside of course!

This marvel Easter cake was created by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio and it is the perfect Easter cake that everyone of all ages will enjoy. Do you like cake recipes? Don’t miss these 19 chocolate cake recipes that are out of this world!

Watch how to create this giant Peeps cake with surprise Peeps inside!


Ingredients to make this giant Peeps cake:

• 2 batches of your favorite cake batter
• yellow marshmallow buttercream frosting (our recipe:
• yellow sanding sugar
• 2 brown Smarties (or other round brown candies)
• Peeps
• toothpicks

Watch the video for step-by-step instructions on putting this awesome Easter cake together. If you need a recipe for cake or buttercream icing, visit their blog for ingredients and directions to make this awesome giant Easter cake.

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