After Slicing Apples for Years, This Method Will Probably Turn out to Be Your Favorite

Learn how to slice an apple and also keep sliced apples from turning brown With these apple hacks.

All this time I thought I had the best method for slicing apples! Then, here comes an elegant way that will have you questioning your own apple slicing skills. Grant Thompson is better known as the King of Random and last time he showed us how to make mini rockets with matchsticks. In this video, he offers 5 apple hacks that will make apples you new best friend (and a healthy one too!).

In this video, he not only shows us an ingenious way for slicing an apple, using this method also allows us to easily carry it around for an instant convenient snack. If you like to slice your apples before you eat them, you’ll love watching this.

Watch how to slice an apple and 4 more delicious apple hacks…


The best part about this is that you can still enjoy a sliced apple on-the-go but without worrying about it turning brown. Please share how to slice an apple and 4 more awesome apple hacks with your friends and family.

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