6-Year-Old Girl Hides Items in Her Home Before She Passes. When Her Mom Finds It, I Lost It…

6-Year-Old Elena Leaves Notes Behind for Her Family Before She Passes.

Parents shouldn’t outlive their children and it’s incredibly sad when it happens. Elena Desserich was only 5-years-old when her doctors told her family that she had an inoperable brain tumor and she had only 135 days to live.

Little Elena fought diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas (DIPG), a highly aggressive and difficult to treat brain tumor found at the base of the brain stem, for over 9 months before it eventually took her life. However, while she was busy fighting the disease, she was also doing something her family didn’t know nothing about.

As her parents did chores around the house, they would find hand-drawn images of love from Elena. Elena drew hundreds of notes and nearly all her notes said ‘I love you.’ She hid them in books, dresser drawers, photo albums, and nearly everywhere else in her house. Her parents cherish every single letter they find and for them, it feels like a soothing hug from Elena.

Elena left hundreds of heartfelt notes like these hidden throughout her home.


Watch this beautiful tribute to Elena and learn more about this sweet young angel…


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Her parents want to share all the lovely letters that Elena drew and created a book entitled ‘Notes Left Behind’ and it can be purchased via their website or at your local bookstore. Please share this touching story of Elena with your friends and family.

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