She Draws Eyes on Her Cheeks. When She’s Done, I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes…and Hers!

Halloween "Double Vision" Makeup Tutorial by Promise.

Halloween will be here before you know it but YouTuber Promise already knows what she wants to dress up for Halloween. She created a “double vision” makeup look that is both awesome and creepy at the same time and sure to make everyone you see do a double take.

Promise has been transforming herself with makeup over the past 5 years and her latest video demonstrates how to create an illusion of having a double face that is eerie but perfect for Halloween or whenever you want to freak people out! Later in the video, she drives around town to see the reaction on people’s faces and I think she has a winner based on their response.

Watch this trippy “double vision” Halloween makeup tutorial…


If you’re still undecided on your Halloween costume this year, try this Halloween makeup tutorial that is sure to have heads turning everywhere. Please share this trippy double vision makeup look with your friends and family.

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