This Dog Is Hiding Something in Her Mouth. You’ll LOL When You Find Out!

Many dogs love to hide things by burying them in the ground or in the sand. One dog love blueberries so much that he hides them in his mouth! While she thinks she’s done something wrong and is possibly afraid of dog shaming if her owner finds out, she adorably does her best to keep them hidden.

Dog Hides Blueberries In Her Mouth and Spits Them Out When Caught.

When her human does ask what she has in her mouth, her reaction and what she does next will have you laughing. Guilty dogs are cute and this adorable pooch is just as cute as she tries to pretend like nothing is out of the ordinary.

Watch this hilarious dog hiding blueberries in her mouth!


Blueberries are apparently good for dogs so I’m sure her human let her enjoy them afterward as a healthy snack.

Here are some of my favorite YouTube comments from the video, “Dog Hides Blueberries in Her Mouth And Spits Them Out When Owner Asks” by RM Videos:

  1. “This dog has the color scheme of Scooby-Doo.” – Bratwurst
  2. “I don’t know why but I genuinely thought the dog would just open his mouth and a bunch of blueberries would fall out. BUT I am not disappointed by him blep blepping them out 🤣” – M.
  3. “I can literally see this video being in everyone’s recommended 10 years later.” – Jojos Squad
  4. “Dogs have the most hilariously guilty expression of any animal on earth.” – Regolith
  5. “Geez so intelligent. The dog knows exactly what she’s talking about, has a sense of guilt, obediently spits them out. Great dog.” – Robert Burke
  6. “This is exactly what my puppy does. When he knows he’s in trouble, he sits down, and we say “no” and then “drop” and he just drops whatever he has and walks to his pen.” – Opal Roblox

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