The Reason Why This Dog Is Chasing an Ambulance Will Melt Your Heart

One thing I’ve heard over and over again is that friends come and go but dogs will be your best friend for their entire lifetime. As a dog owner, I believe it and if you’re having a bad day, your dog or cat will always find a way to raise your spirits up or make you laugh.

The following puppy demonstrates how loyal a pet can be as he ran for several blocks while an ambulance carried his owner. His owner, a homeless man in Goiana, Brazil, suffered an epileptic seizure and the paramedics team got him ready and rushed him to the hospital.  Because the hospital was still very far away, the paramedics slowed down and the dogs reaction will melt your heart!


While in the hospital, his dog stayed by his side and the man has since fully recovered. Please share this incredibly story of loyalty with your friends and family.

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