Angry Swan Attacks Man Trying to Rescue Tiny Cygnet Stuck in a Fence

Angry Swan Attacks Man Trying to Rescue Cygnet Stuck in a Fence.

Swans may seem like graceful, peace-loving creatures but when it comes to protecting their young, they’re no slouch. Weighing in at 30 pounds and having a wingspan of nearly 8 feet, they’re one of the largest flying birds.

When a homeowner noticed a tiny cygnet stuck in her fence, she called Simon of the Wildlife Aid Foundation for some help. While rescuing a cygnet stuck in a chain-link fence is no easy task, it’s made even more difficult when its angry dad (normally called a “cob”) is pecking you. Of course, this angry swan has no idea that Simon is trying to rescue his youngling; however, Simon isn’t swayed and stays focused.

Watch this man rescue a cygnet while an angry swan attacks him…


It’s not easy getting beaten up by an angry swan; however, Simon manages to rescue the cute little cygnet and return it to its mother swan which takes her cygnets under her wings. Please share this man rescuing a cygnet while getting beaten up by a cob with your friends and family.

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