Babies and Dogs Are the Sweetest and This Beagle Helps This Newborn Fall Asleep

It’s always heartwarming to see dogs get along so well with children and specifically babies. Dogs and children have a special bond that can bring so much joy to a family. While some parents are initially apprehensive, most dogs are great with children and Charlie the Beagle is a testament to that. With proper training and supervision, dogs can be great companions for children. Dogs can even assist parents in soothing and comforting them.

Charlie the Beagle Rocks Newborn Baby to Sleep.

In this video, Charlie helps to put his newborn sister Laura to sleep by rocking her cradle. Baby Laura sure enjoys it and can be seen smiling while being gently rocked to bed. It is clear that Charlie has a deep affection for his baby sister and is eager to help out in any way he can.

Watch Charlie the Beagle rocking a sweet baby to sleep in the cutest way…


Studies have shown that interactions between dogs and children can have numerous benefits. Important benefits such as increasing social skills, boosting self-esteem and promoting emotional development. Dogs can also help to reduce stress and anxiety in children, making them great companions for kids who may be dealing with difficult emotions.

Of course, it is important to remember that not all dogs are suitable for interacting with children. It is crucial to assess a dog’s temperament and behavior before introducing them to babies or kids. Proper training and supervision are also necessary to ensure the safety of both the child and the pet.

Charlie the Beagle’s heartwarming act of rocking his baby sister to sleep is a beautiful reminder of the special bond between dogs and children. With the right approach and care, dogs can be wonderful companions for kids and can provide a lifetime of love and memories.

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