Gentle Black Labrador Proves Dogs Can Be Amazing Babysitters!

Gentle Black Labrador Proves Dogs Can Be Amazing Babysitters.

If you grew up with a dog or have small children and a family dog, you already know that dogs can be their best friends. Kids share a special bond with dogs and they will do nearly anything for their little humans.

This gentle Labrador Retriever named Mountain truly loves his little human. He loves spending time with his baby friend and takes pride in his responsibility to protect it. As the baby and his dog look into each other’s eyes, you can feel the love and commitment they share. While Mountain loves running around outside and being active, he is even happier being inside and babysitting his little friend.

Watch this gentle Labrador prove that dogs can be amazing babysitters…


Just like this moment when a Labrador kisses a baby that is crawling for the first time, it’s just further proof that dogs and babies are adorable together. Please share this gentle Labrador babysitting his little human with your friends and family.

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