Her Baby Starts Moving Around in His Crib but Keep Your Eye on the Cat. So Cute!

Cat Adorably Tries to Keep the Baby Calm by Holding on to Him.

Sometimes, new parents don’t know what to expect when they introduce their pet to a new addition to the family. Generally, the reaction is heartwarming and pets instinctively protect their babies so they know not to harm cute little babies.

When the baby in this YouTube video begins to get agitated, the cat’s reaction is so cute that you can’t help but smile. It is almost like she’s trying to calm the baby down and these two bundles of joy are absolutely precious.

Watch this adorable cat and baby interact together.


Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments regarding this video of a cat babysitting a baby:

  1. “I love how the cat kinda looks over at the dog at one point like ‘A little help? I think it’s broken…'” – LaMoirae
  2. “Kitten is like ‘what the hell is wrong with this miniature human?? Is he broken??’ – Gato303co
  3. “Wow what an absolutely patient cat!!!! Some parents could learn from this eh!” – Barbara Stepien-foad
  4. “The most amazing thing is when dog appear cat was like: I’m looking at you… don’t come closer to my human.” – Banzai Bamtaro
  5. “That cat is gorgeous.” – EDED DED
  6. “‘Please don’t kick me in the crotch, tiny human.'” – Angel Martinez
  7. “Siamese cats are so tolerating…if I poke my Siamese he looks at me…if I poke my Bengal tabby he pokes me back.. with several claws.” – CactusRose
  8. “The power of Christ compels you! Satan, leave this body! ;-D” – Indy21
  9. “Hahaha, that is one hell of a cat, totally unmoved, gorgeous kitty.” – Alexandra Stratan
  10. “That cat has the prettiest fur I have ever seen.” – Brandon Heath Shaw

These two adorable cuties are going to be best friends forever, that’s for sure! Please share this cute cat doing his best to keep the baby calm with your friends and family.

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