Bride Is Surprised by Her Groom with an Original Musical Performance

John wanted to do something special to show his new wife, Irene, how much she means to him. What he came up with is so inspiring that it will leave you in awe. He composed a musical with the help of Blue Kite Cinema that included some comedic moments as well. The groom surprises his bride with an original musical with the help of some friends at their wedding reception.

Groom Surprises His Bride With an Original Musical Entitled "Centerpiece."

It all starts when Edward, John’s Best Man, begins his speech but gets interrupted by random guests bursting out in song. Before you know it, John joins them for an original musical performance. Based on everyone’s reaction, it was a huge surprise for his bride and for the guests at the wedding. The amount of work this must have taken is astonishing! It really demonstrates how much John loves his wife Irene.

Watch how this groom surprises his bride with an original musical…


His bride seemed very surprised and touched by his original performance and it will be something that this special couple will remember forever. What an incredible way to show your love for someone!

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