12 Awesome Cloud Formations that Prove Nature is Fascinating

Clouds have been floating in the atmosphere since the earth was formed and are one of nature’s finest spectacles. Essentially, all types of clouds are formed by a series of water droplets so small that they simply float in the air and together form a series of shapes in the sky.

Like many other things in nature, there are several types of clouds. They come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and are constantly shifting throughout the sky. Here are 12 of the most fascinating cloud formations you’ll ever find.

1) Cloud formations that look like objects.





2) Types of clouds formed by aircraft.





3) Arcus Clouds.





4) Cumulonimbus clouds.





5) Lenticular Clouds.





6) Mammantus clouds.





7) Nacreous clouds.





8) Noctilucent (night) clouds.





9) Asperatus Clouds.





10) Vortex clouds.





11) Wall clouds.





12) Wave clouds.




H/t: MorgansLists

Clouds are awesome to look at but some clouds like wall clouds are ominous and usually are a precursor to something more dangerous like a hurricane or tornado. Mother nature can be scary at times!

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