20 Playgrounds That Will Make You Go WTF!

Playgrounds are generally places that make children feel warm and fuzzy and offer games and rides to entertain them. It’s a great place for them to play outdoors, get some exercise, and make new friends. The following creepy playgrounds just fall a little short of those expectations.

The playground operators probably didn’t notice how some of the playground equipment is somewhat crude looking and some of it is disturbing! Here are 20 creepy playgrounds with equipment that will ruin your childhood memories of playing at the playground.

1) This woman above the slide seems to have only one breast.


2) Somebody thought putting beheaded monkeys would make kids laugh.


3) A rainbow of urinating boys.


4) This chef has an entrance I wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole.


5) No, this climbing structure doesn’t look like a penis at all…Not!


6) This just gives me nightmares.


7) What is he feeding that bear?


8) This clown looks happy to see you.


9) This is just plain wrong.


10) The bear has captured Goldilocks.


11) This is wrong on so many levels.


12) All kids like to slide out of an elephant’s butt.


13) Sit on a creepy clown.


14) A sausage eating another sausage. Now I’ve seen it all.


15) This slide might hurt on the way down.


16) A three-headed dragon.


17) He looks surprised because he has a bench for a penis.


18) This slide is happy and gives an enthusiastic thumbs up to the whole package.


19) A pig with breasts…really?


20) Whales shouldn’t do that, so wrong.

20 Creepy Playgrounds - Whales shouldn't do that, so wrong.

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The people who designed the equipment for some of these playgrounds either did it as a joke or wasn’t aware how naughty some of these are. Keep in mind, these are build for kids!

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