A Wearable Device Will Change the Life of a Graphic Designer Diagnosed With Parkinson’s

Wearable Device Is Life-Changing for This Parkinson's Disease Sufferer.

Life sometimes isn’t fair but brave individuals turn a negative into a positive every single day. Emma Lawton, a graphic designer, loves drawing for a living and it’s her passion. But, being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease 3 years ago was something she was not prepared for.

Parkinson’s Disease often cause sufferer’s hands to shake uncontrollably. Since her diagnosis, Lawton’s tremors were becoming so severe that she often wondered if she could continue her career, according to MS Power User.

Her story is featured on The Big Life Fix, a BBC series highlighting the UK’s leading inventors building life-changing solutions with technology. Haiyan Zhang, Microsoft Research Cambridge’s innovation director has created a wearable device that produces small vibrations to distract the brain. The technology has enabled Lawton to draw and write her name for the first time in over 3 years.

Watch how a computer scientist develops a wearable device and helps a graphic designer write again…


As technology advances, computer scientists and inventors are creating life-changing devices. Just like technology has helped a woman hear for the first time in her life, the Emma wearable device will help Lawton draw again. Please share this incredible device invented by a Microsoft researcher that controls tremors and gave a graphic designer the ability to draw again with your friends and family.

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