Mentor Tells Young Boy ‘It’s OK to Cry’ and Teaches Him a Life Lesson He Will Remember Forever

Mentor Jason WIlson Tells His Martial Arts Student That It's OK to Cry.

Let’s face it, life isn’t easy. But when life knocks you down, it’s important to get back up and get through any obstacle no matter how hard it gets. Encountering challenges and overcoming them is what makes life interesting.

Martial arts instructor Jason Wilson of The Cave of Adullam Transformational Training Academy in Detroit, Michigan understands challenges and instills the desire to help his students overcome any obstacle in their lives now and in the future. In a video that went viral, Wilson instructs one of his students to break a board. After a couple of unsuccessful tries, he breaks it but then begins to cry. When Wilson asks the young boy why he’s crying, he responds, “because it’s hard to punch through with my left hand.”

He then calmly tells the boy that “It’s OK to cry,” and that “we all cry as men.” He then uses the opportunity to teach the young boy that in life, you have to push through resistance no matter how hard it gets. Just like breaking the board, it will hurt but getting through it is what makes life meaningful.

Watch a martial arts instructor helping a student break through emotional barriers…


After their conversation, Wilson asks the young boy to break the board once more and he does on his first try. The world needs more mentors like Jason Wilson to inspire kids with faith, spiritually, positivity, and martial arts.

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