A Couple Adopted Triplets but a Week Later, They Couldn’t Believe THIS Happened. OMG!

Sarah and Andy Justice Adopt Triplets and Learn They Are Pregnant.

Like many married couples, Sarah and Andy Justice wanted to start a family; however, after several unsuccessful years of trying, they agreed to look at other options. The couple decided to adopt and were pleased to know they were going to be paired with a birth mother.

They couldn’t be happier to realize they soon would be parents but didn’t realize they would be parents to triplets! Sarah and Andy were thrilled by the news and they soon found out that the babies were delivered two months premature but were healthy and each weighed 3 pounds.

The babies stayed in the neonatal intensive care during the next week but Sarah began getting sick. She scheduled a doctor’s appointment and found out she was pregnant…with twins! Just like this baby revived by a mother’s touch, God shows us that life is full of miracles. Watch how Andy and Sarah describe the events and thank God for the blessings they received.

Watch Sarah and Andy Justice, amazing parents with 5 beautiful children all under the age of one…

Within a period of eight months, this couple has gone from zero to five babies but they are going to make excellent parents and they consider a blessing. Please share this couple’s five adorable children all under the age of one with your friends and family.

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