A Boy Saved a Drowning Girl’s Life by Giving Her CPR. Why Was He Wearing a Wedding Ring?

Learn It Young and Remember It Forever by Being a Scout.

Parents and teachers sometimes compare a child’s mind to a sponge because they soak up information on a daily basis. The interesting thing is that skills they learn at a young age is something they remember for life.

Scouts South Africa and Cape Town agency Not Norm created a powerful ad showing a young boy pulling a drowning girl out of the water and giving her CPR to save her life. Later in the video, you find out the real truth behind the heroic boy and you will be stunned.

Watch this learn it young, remember it forever PSA…


Letting children feel empowered by the skills they learn in scouting is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Please share this powerful video by Scouts South Africa with your friends and family.

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