Bikers Stood Outside This Child’s Home. The Reason? It Will Surprise You…

Bikers Against Child Abuse Empower and Protect Kids.

If you saw hundreds of bikers roaring down your street, you’d probably be concerned. Bikers often get stereotyped as thugs who love breaking the law; however, these misconceptions certainly don’t apply to most bikers. Especially bikers that belong to ‘Bikers Against Child Abuse’ or local B.A.C.A Chapters.

Eleven countries around the world have B.A.C.A Chapters and the bikers who belong to them do so much to help kids who are abused and their aim is to support and protect them. There are times that abused children may feel powerless or have to appear in court; however, these bikers are there every step of the way and ensure their protection.

Watch Bikers Against Child Abuse…


Children should feel empowered and all of the bikers that belong to B.A.C.A are doing an incredible thing for abused children. Please share how bikers are helping abused children get the support and protection they need with your friends and family.

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