This Is so Useful You’ll Want to Place It Somewhere in Your Kitchen. What a Great Idea!

There are millions of recipes out there and all of them require you to precisely measure ingredients for the end result to be a success. But sometimes, we may need to convert measurements if we don’t have a specific unit of measure available and most people do it on the fly or use search engines to find a kitchen measurement conversion charts.

The following kitchen measurement conversion chart infographic has nearly every US standard unit of measure we use in the kitchen and breaks them up to easily convert from one to the other. You’ll notice that the infographic has a + sign and this simply means that two different units are required. For example, to get the equivalent of 1/3 cups using spoons, you’ll need to use 5 tablespoons + 1 teaspoon.

Easily make kitchen conversions by downloading this handy kitchen measurement conversion chart infographic.

Conversion Chart for Baking and Cooking Measurements
S.B.Lattin Design

First off, here are some answers to common measurement questions:

  1. How many tablespoons in a cup? 16 tablespoons.
  2. How many cups in one quart? 4 cups.
  3. How many teaspoons in a tablespoon? 3 teaspoons.
  4. One pint equals how many cups? 2 cups.
  5. How much is half a cup? 8 tablespoons.

Download this handy kitchen conversion infographic or purchase removable cabinet stickers or posters and make converting items in the kitchen a breeze.

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