This Baby Deer Is Less Than a Pound but It Will Crush You With Its Cuteness

Baby animals are incredibly cute and when this little fawn was born at Queens Zoo in New York City, it was the cutest bundle of joy ever.

Weighing in at exactly 450 grams, this one pound Southern Pudu which is the world’s smallest deer species. According to the WCS, pudu, are “shy” creatures but  “bark” when they feel threatened. They bark, how cute is that!!

This little one-pound bundle of joy was born at Queens Zoo, NYC.

Pudu are the smallest species of deer and are typically shy but ‘bark’ when startled.

Mom is happy with her new fawns and there are now 3 pudu available for viewing at the zoo.

H/t: NBC News

What makes them even cuter is that pudu are only 6 inches high when they are born! Please share this adorable baby deer with your friends and family.

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