This Abused Dog Was Going to Be Put Down but He Got a Second Chance in Prison

Abused Puppy Mill Dogs Rehabilitated by Caring Prisoners.

Esther is a dog that was abused in a puppy mill but was rescued by the National Mill Dog Rescue founded by Theresa Strader. Castaways, a documentary series, lets us view how Esther and so many other animals are transformed by the love and care of prison inmates thanks to the K-9 Companion Program.

The program was started by Debi Stevens and it allows prison inmates to care for and train dogs that need affection and the dogs become more sociable and trusting of other people. Together, caring prisoners and the dogs they train form a lasting bond and their friendship is undeniable.


The sad part about this is when the dog leaves his/her trainer that has spent so much time with them; however, when dogs are found a forever home, it warms their heart knowing their dog will be loved by a new family.

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