This Family Judged a Person by Their Skin Color but They Learn a Valuable Lesson in the End

It’s unfortunate in this day and age that some people across the world still judge a person by their skin color or religion. This powerful short film entitled “Jafar” is directed by Nancy Spetsioti, a Greek filmmaker and it drives home a very important point about casual racism. It is a powerful reminder that despite progress towards a more tolerant and accepting world, casual racism is still prevalent in many societies.

Anti-Racist Short Film 'Jafar' - Casual Racism Hurts Everyone.

The film depicts a family’s trip to the hospital to doctor. When the family arrives at the hospital, they avoid contact with the man sitting on the bench. Unfortunately don’t even let their daughter Anna sit next to him. Once they enter the doctor’s office, they learn a valuable lesson. The family is shocked and embarrassed by their behavior towards him. It serves as a powerful lesson for them and any viewers that passed judgment on him.

Watch “Jafar”, an anti-racist short film by Nancy Spetsioti…


“Jafar” is a poignant reminder that we need to do better as a society to overcome casual racism and discrimination. The anti-racist film demonstrates that we should not assume anything about a person based on their appearance, religion, or culture. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.

Unfortunately, the scenario depicted in “Jafar” is not limited to fiction. It is shocking and disappointing how they initially treated Jafar but this scenario sadly plays out for real in everyday life and needs to stop. In our daily lives, we often encounter instances of casual racism and discrimination towards people who are different from us. It is essential to recognize and confront these biases within ourselves and our communities to create a more inclusive and accepting world.

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