A Young Girl Was Being Bullied by Two Teens. What These Strangers Did Will Surprise You.

"Who Will Stop the Bullying?" Social Experiment.

Bullying is a problem that is affecting the lives of so many kids and young adults but how would you react if you saw it taking place next to you? Just like these bullies that hacked into a high school student’s Facebook account and encouraged her to die, bullies will do anything to try and lower the self-confidence of the people they target.

In a social experiment by UPTV, hidden cameras were setup to see how people would react when two tween girls verbally abuse a young girl. All three girls are actors but watch how complete strangers react to some of the things they say.


While this scenario was staged, situations like these happen every day to so many helpless kids. Please share this social experiment that showcases what people do when they see bullying happening with your friends and family.

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