They Review $7, $36, and $68 American BBQ Ribs! Guess Which One They Pick…

I admit it: I LOVE ribs. There is just something primal inside of me that loves the succulent flavors of grilled meat right off the bone. I’m not the only one as millions of Americans enjoy BBQ season and some lucky ones enjoy it all year long!

Steven, Adam and Andrew of the “Worth It” team went around Los Angeles and reviewed three BBQ restaurants. As with all “Worth It” videos, they end up choosing which one they feel provides the best bang for your buck. If you missed it, here is when the “Worth It” team reviews 3 secret menu items with prices ranging from $7 to $2500! This time, they get to experience American BBQ ribs priced at $7, $36, and $68!

The first BBQ joint on the list was Bigmista’s Barbecue & Sammich Shop in Long Beach. Steven and Adam try the BBQ ribs priced at $7! As a $13 combo with hog apple beans, pineapple slaw, and corn bread, it’s an awesome deal!

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Next up is Barrel and Ashes in Studio City. A full rack of pork spare ribs and sides rings in at $36.00. Executive Chef, Rory Herrmann also gives them a tour of his kitchen and shares his special seasoning for perfect ribs.

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The final stop is Maple Block Meat Co., a sleek and stylish eatery for classic BBQ. At $68.00, their entree features a full-rack of pork spare ribs, creamy slaw and vinegar slaw.

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Watch the “Worth It” team sample 3 different ribs and see which one they choose as their winner…


You can’t beat a grilled rack of ribs for the perfect summer meal and the Worth It team picks a winner and even goes back for more! Please share this yummy review of 3 delicious BBQ rib restaurants with 3 vastly different price points with your friends and family.

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