They Reviewed a $7, $29, and a $2500 Secret Menu Item! Guess Which One They Picked…

"Worth It" Team Reviews Secret Menu Items Priced at $7, $29, and $2500!

Every restaurant has them and just knowing about them makes you feel special. I’m talking secret menu items! BuzzFeed’s Worth It team decided to find three elusive secret menu items with three very different price points. You’ve probably already know some of Starbucks secret menu items and the best part is that they don’t cost extra; however, it’s always best to leave an extra tip since it may involve extra work or ingredients to prepare.

As with all “Worth It” videos, they end up choosing which one they feel provides the best bang for your buck. If you missed it, here is when the “Worth It” team reviewed 3 different pizzas with prices ranging from $2 to $2000! This time, they get to experience a $7 burger, a $29 burger and a $2500 caviar soufflé!

The first restaurant on the list is Shake Shack in New York, NY. At only $6.84, this secret menu peanut butter burger is made with fresh beef, crispy bacon, pickles, and tasty peanut sauce.

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Next up is Gramercy Tavern in New York, NY. This restaurant features a secret menu $29 bacon burger that is legendary. There are only 40 made each day and each features freshly ground beef, bacon that has been cured in-house, and topped with cheese that has been melted in a mini cast iron skillet!

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The final stop is Petrossian in New York, NY. Ringing in at $2500 with aged quail eggs, Parisian caviar, 200-year-old Hennessy and an edible gold leaf, it’s the most expensive soufflé in the world!

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Watch the “Worth It” team sample 3 different secret menu items and see which one they choose as their winner…


There is just something about secret menu items that make them taste even better. Please share these secret menu items that are not so secret anymore with your friends and family.

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