His Wife Gives Birth to Their 6th Baby. When Dad Looks Down, He Starts Screaming!

Dad Screams with Excitement as He Gets a Baby Boy After 5 Girls.

Being a parent is one of the most precious joys of life. Many parents can’t wait to know whether they have a girl or boy while many choose to find out on delivery day.

One father with five beautiful daughters was in the delivery room while his wife is delivering their 6th child. The moment he clearly sees the baby, he screams with excitement that it is a boy and his reaction will make you smile.

Watch this dad’s reaction when he finds out his 6th baby is a boy…


While it’s common for dads to secretly want at least one son and moms to want at least one daughter, parents are happy with whatever bundle of joy God blesses them with. Just like these six brothers welcoming their baby sister, his son is going to get spoiled by his older sisters.

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