17+ Couples T-Shirts That You’ll Be Proud Wearing with Your Significant Other

If you’re in a relationship, you may often want to share with others just how happy you are. It’s even better when that message is stated with humor and that’s where funny couples T-shirts come in.

Whether it’s telling the world about your king or queen or that special year you met or got married, there are many great couples T-shirts that are creative and funny. Here are 17 matching couples T-shirts that are as special as the loving couple you are.

1) His queen and her king.

picontshirt King and Queen Couple T-Shirts Men M/Women M Black Crowns

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Treat him like a king or treat her like a queen with these cool couples T-shirts.

2) Every beast needs his beauty.

17 Couples T-Shirts - Every beast needs his beauty.

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3) This couple is always connected.

4) This combo was made for each other.

17 Couples T-Shirts - This combo was made for each other.

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5) This couple has been together since 1952 and they’re adorable!

17 Couples T-Shirts - This couple has been together since 1952 and they're adorable!

Reddit / Isai76

6) This couple is adorable too; however, I hope their couples T-shirts mean they’ve been together since 1969!

7) I’m with Batman!

8) Perfect t-shirts for the wifey and hubby.

Cute Hubby and Wifey Couple Shirts - Matching Grey Cotton T-shirts

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Funny couple T-shirts for any couple in love and looking to share it with the world!

9) “I’ve got 99 problems but my wife ain’t one.”

10) A prince and her princess.

11) Likewise, Cinderella and her Prince Charming.

12) Mickey and Minnie holding hands.

13) Meet Mr. Right and Mrs. “Always” Right.

14) A must for CatDog cartoon lovers.

15) Best friends forever.

16) I stole her heart so…I’m stealing his last name.

I Stole Her Heart, So I'm Stealing His Last Name Matching Couple Shirts

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These romantic matching shirts make a great wedding gift.

17) Don’t go bacon my heart. I couldn’t if I fried!

Cute Matching Couple Shirts - Don't Go Bacon My Heart, I Couldn't If I Fried

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Cute matching couples t-shirt.

If you like funny T-shirts, don’t miss these seniors wearing funny T-shirts. These funny couples T-shirts are incredibly clever and I’m sure you’ll get a few people smiling in the process.

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