They Invite Their Family to the Hospital to Visit Their Newborn. They Weren’t Expecting THIS!

Theresa Slater and Her Husband Keeps Twin Boys a Secret and Surprises Their Family.

Getting the announcement that you’re expecting a baby brings in a flurry of emotions and happiness is definitely one of them. But imagine finding out your’re going to have twins and keeping it a secret from your family for 9 months!

Theresa Slater and her husband already have a beautiful daughter; however, when they find out they’re expecting twin boys, they decided to keep it a secret. Just like this new mom keeping her twins a secret, they wanted to have the ultimate surprise for their friends and family.

They called up their friends and family and invited them to the hospital room to help welcome their new additions. As each guest arrive, their reactions are priceless and are sure to make you smile.

Watch the ultimate twin boys surprise…


This little family is just too adorable! It must have been so difficult to keep their announcement of twin boys a secret but their family is so happy.

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