A Couple Is Dancing but Then Another Woman Cuts in and Joins Them. I Can’t Stop Watching!

Jitterbug Dance Demonstration by Gary, Charlotte, and Debbie.

Over the years, there have been many styles of dancing like the shag dance or the jitterbug; however, you’ll be amazed as you watch this dance demonstration by Gary and Charlotte Chaney and Debbie Wheelis. They are dancing to “Me and Bobby McGee” at the 2007 Chicago’s Windy City Jitterbug Club event.

Gary and Charlotte Chaney have been dancing together since they were teenagers and they are incredibly talented! They compete throughout the country including the US Open Championship in Anaheim, California and have won numerous dancing awards. In fact, they are so talented, they’ve been inducted into the American Bop Association Hall of Fame!

Watch Gary and Charlotte Chaney along with Debbie Wheelis dancing the jitterbug dance…


Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments regarding this jitterbug dance performance:

  1. “….. You 3 really dance so wonderfully…… Thank You So Much for making me happy every time I look this dancing ….. 😉 …… !!!!!” – jorge luis
  2. “AMAZING PERFORMANCE!!! Superb!!! Standing ovations to them!” – Eve Green
  3. “This is DOUBLE the AWESOME!! So, so Good! I am so impressed and I thoroughly enjoyed this! I’m still smiling, gonna share it now :)” – chcatwoman
  4. “I have watched this video many times — enjoy it every time.” – Robin Andrews
  5. “Bravo. That was beautiful. x” – Nirvana Bliss
  6. “Watched it THREE TIMES!  Loved it!” – Jerilyn L
  7. “super, bravo, fantastique.” – Didier LALAUT
  8. “I don’t like dancing and do not like to watch dancing and I saved the vid and I can’t stop grinning…..normal looking people just excelling at something so DO damn well….more than talent and more than lots of practice…they like what they are doing so much they bring their own verve…what the French called ‘elan’… Bravo!” – martianshoes

The jitterbug dance is hard enough as a couple but it must be a blast as a trio! Please share these 3 talented dancers dancing the jitterbug dance with your friends and family.

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