9 Loving Ideas to Honor a Beloved Pet That Has Passed Away

Having a pet doesn’t mean you simply have a pet. Your pet becomes an integral part of your family and the joy and unconditional love they provide is immeasurable.

Every moment we spend with them is precious. When they are no longer a part of our lives, it can be very difficult. Coping with their loss takes time and memorializing your pet can help you and your family work through the grieving process in a personal way.

Here are 9 heartfelt pet memorial gifts to memorialize your pet and honor them in a very beautiful way.

9 Heartfelt Pet Memorial Gifts

1) Pet Memorial Service

Our pets have given us years of unconditional love and it’s only fitting to honor them in a respectful way. While it’s customary to hold memorial services for loved ones that have passed away, having a memorial service for your pet offers some closure. Personalized pet memorial cards are a great way to honor your pets and provide a keepsake to friends and family.

9 Pet Memorial Gifts - Pet memorial service and pet memorial cards.

These pet memorial cards are personalized and provide a perfect way to honor your pet with the respect they deserve. Check it out.

2) Pet Urns

If you choose to cremate your pet, there are a variety of pet urns available to cherish and honor your pet forever. There is every style imaginable from traditional urns to personalized urns with a photo or even the name of your pet.

9 Pet Memorial Gifts - Pet urns to hold your pet's cremation ashes.

Honor the loss of your pet with pet urns. Check it out.

3) Pet Cremation Jewelry

Our pets play many roles in our lives and they’re always there when we need them. What better way to honor them and have them always close to your heart than with pet cremation necklaces. Cremation necklaces for pets have a hollow compartment inside to hold your pet’s ashes. Cremation necklaces are one piece of cremation jewelry that you’ll hold on forever.

9 Pet Memorial Gifts - Pet cremation jewelry such as cremation necklaces hold your pet's ashes in a beautiful pendant.

With adorable paw prints, these pet cremation necklaces are such a graceful tribute to your beloved pet. Check it out.

4) Pet Headstones

After you’ve handed out pet memorial cards and had a beautiful memorial for your pet, pet headstones and pet memorial stones are the perfect way to remember your pet. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and materials range from stone to granite. Many traditional local monument companies generally sell pet headstones and there is also a wide variety online.

9 Pet Memorial Gifts - Pet headstones and pet memorial stones make an everlasting gift to honor your pet.

While there are a variety of pet headstones available, pet memorial stones like this one also offer a very personalized way to honor your pet. Check it out.

5) Pet Memorial Plaques

There are many ways to memorialize your pet with a plaque. Whether it’s engraved with your pet’s name or holds a paw print of your pet, it will always help you cherish the moments you’ve spent with your pet. Personalized handmade photo wood plaques offer a way to transfer your pet’s photo on wood and it can be displayed on the wall or used as a coaster.

9 Pet Memorial Gifts - Transfer your pet's photo on wood with photo wood plaque coasters.

Transfer your pet’s photo on wood and have a one of a kind gift that you can cherish forever with a photo wood plaque coaster. Check it out.

6) Pet Photo Album

Viewing photos of your pet and all of the great moments you’ve shared over the years can help with the grieving process. Whether it’s a scrapbook you make yourself or a beautiful photo book that you make online, there are several options available.

9 Pet Memorial Gifts - Photo books help you capture and store favorite memories you've had with your pet over the years.
Etsy / RecapturedMoments

Pet memorial gifts such as pet photo books offer a keepsake that lasts a lifetime. Check it out.

7) Pet Portraits

Pet portraits and paintings of your beloved pet is another great way to honor your pet. Display your pet in a beautiful portrait designed by local artists. There are online services that can also transfer your favorite photo(s) of your pet on any medium such as paper, canvas, or even fabric.

8) Videos

If you have funny and memorable videos of your pet, making a compilation video is a great way to reminisce. While you don’t need the production value of this heartwarming video of Ben Moon and his precious dog Denali, it’s amazing how old pet videos could be brought together into something magical. Even without video, a slideshow video with photos of your pet is also a great way to honor your pet and share the love with friends and family. There are many talented video editors offering video services online on Fiverr.com or you can also create one yourself with iMovie on Mac or Windows Movie Maker on PC.

9) Commemorative T-Shirts

Clothing is another great way to share the love you had for your pet. There are “in loving memory” shirts or even have a photo of your beloved pet printed on a shirt or T-shirt. Having a piece of clothing that helps you remember the great times you had can help with the grieving process.

9 Pet Memorial Gifts - Pet memorial t-shirts are a great way to honor the love you've had for your pet and best friend.

Pet memorial gifts such as this T-shirt that state “You’ve left paw prints on my heart” is just adorable. Check it out.

The key is to make it as personal as you can to help bring some closure and these products are just some of the ways to memorialize your pet. Please share these pet memorial gifts to memorialize your pet with your friends and family.

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