This 2-Year-Old Just Found Out Her Parents Are on a Budget and She Can’t Handle It

2-Year-Old Mila Finds Out Her Family Is on a Budget and She's Not Happy!

One of the first things young people find out when they start “adulting” is that they need a budget. Spending money on fast food, lattes, and a regular night out on the town easily adds up. Things like rent and bills come first and having a budget helps you manage money when you need it most.

Little 2-year-old Mila doesn’t handle airport security very well. She also doesn’t handle the thought of living on a budget very well either! No Target? No Starbucks? Little Mila can’t deal with it and her frustration is hilarious!

Watch 2-year-old Mila’s reaction after learning her family is on a budget…


Mila’s stress level just went up but hopefully she’ll be able to sneak in her favorite Starbucks drink once in a while. Please share Mila’s reaction when she learns her family is on a budget with your friends and family.

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