Everyone Walked by This Homeless Person. His Day Changed When 3 Students Did THIS!

3 Students Surprise a Homeless Guy and Provide Hope.

As people walk downtown in nearly any city in the world, they are bound to encounter one or more homeless people. While some will offer some change or offer help, some walk by without even noticing them.

Three students from Germany wanted to change that and decided to surprise a homeless person on the street. What they did will warm your heart and for one brief moment, they brought joy to one homeless person and also possibly gave him hope for a better tomorrow.

Watch 3 German students surprising a homeless man…


Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments regarding three German students surprising a homeless man:

  1. “This is humanity! Why can not everybody be like that?” – trazkey
  2. “I’m gonna cry That’s humanity God bless the homeless guy!” – Furkan Ibis Ibis
  3. “They’re just doing what every human should be doing.” – FantasticFox
  4. “The face of the homeless guy in the end. It’s melting my heart.” – William
  5. “Heart ????❤ touching video ????.. ???? love from India.” – SOURAV GHANBAHADUR
  6. “Thank you for helping him. I cried a lot God bless you all.” – Necy Pastolero
  7. “We need more people like you in this world, greetings from México.” – Méxi Verga
  8. “This gave me a new direction and now I am starting to think differently. Thank you guys God bless you ????” – Young Indian
  9. “You don’t have to be rich to help people ❤️. God bless.” – From The Far East
  10. “I’m crying seriously ur awesome very heart touching good work Allah bless you…” – Indian
  11. “Very heartwarming, it makes me smile brightly ????” – The Dancing Superstar

Many of the homeless are in their situation because of circumstances that were beyond their control such as a job loss or divorce. Please share how 3 German students surprised a homeless person with your friends and family.

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