She Took Out Command Hooks and Used Them to Organize THIS in Her Home. I’m Definitely Doing This!

21+ Ideas fir Using Command Hooks to Organize Everything in Your Home.

For years, I’ve had a junk drawer and only recently did I purchase command hooks and used them to organize everything and now my junk drawer is empty! You can buy them nearly anywhere and they come in a wide variety of sizes to hold up just about anything.

Unlike screws and nails, command hooks have an adhesive back so they can stick to literally any surface and won’t damage your walls. Here are 21+ ideas to use command hooks around your home and organize just about everything you can imagine.

1) Organize foil and plastic wrap containers.

Most foil and plastic wrap containers have holes on the ends. Here is how to organize and store foil and plastic wrap.

2) Make room in your cupboards by keeping colanders within easy reach.


3) Build a wall-mount for your tablet.


If you sometimes use your iPad or tablet in the kitchen, here is how to wall-mount your iPad with command hooks.

4) Prevent Garbage Bags from Slipping into the Can.

Place a command hook on both sides to help secure garbage bags and help them stay in place.

5) Or, make your own trash can by using a couple of hooks and a plastic bag.

Why purchase trash bags if you have a lot of plastic shopping bags accumulating somewhere? Create this makeshift trash can with only two command hooks.

6) Hang your hot tools inside your cabinet door.

Save drawer space and hang them inside your bathroom cabinet instead.

7) Hang a shelf with command hooks.


Easily hang a shelf anywhere by using command hooks. Here is a great tutorial for hanging a shelf in a niche between two kitchen cabinets without any tools!

8) Keep pot lids in place.

Secure bulky pot lids by simply placing two command hooks inside a cabinet door.

9) Organize the space under your kitchen sink.

Use command hooks to secure brushes, rags, rubber gloves, and so much more! Here are more great tips for organizing under the kitchen sink.

10) Prevent tangled jewelry by organizing them with command hooks.


11) Neatly store toothbrushes in your medicine cabinet.

Use clear 3M command hooks to store toothbrushes in your medicine cabinet and keep them sanitary.

12) Create a ring hook.

It doesn’t get any easier than this and within seconds, you have a ring hook. Place one by the kitchen sink or by the shower and never lose your rings again.

13) Hang a door wreath without nails.


Place a large 3M hook upside down on the inside of your home to easily hang a wreath on your outside door. Here is how to hang your door wreath without using nails.

14) Organize all your kitchen utensils.

Organize all your kitchen utensils inside your kitchen cabinet door and save on precious drawer space.

15) Or, transform an old door into a kitchen organizer.

The only limit is your imagination and here is the full tutorial for creating a kitchen organizer with a door!

16) Use baskets to organize your kids crafting supplies.


Make colorful and handy wall baskets by securing them with command hooks.

17) Organize your measuring cups and spoons.

Use chalkboard paint and command hooks to create this handy organizer. Here are the full instructions for making this measuring cups and spoons organizer.

18) Hang your headphones on your monitor.

Keep them off your desk and out of the way by placing a command hook on your monitor.

19) Hang your belts.

No need for expensive belt organizers when only a few inexpensive command hooks will do the trick.

20) Hang your toilet brush.

If you don’t have a container for your toilet brush, keep it off the floor by using a command hook.

21) Bonus Tip! Here are 5 more creative ways to use command hooks.


H/t: FaithTap

It’s incredible how many uses you can get from inexpensive command hooks that you can find at any department or dollar store. Please share these simple tips for organizing your home with command hooks with your friends and family.

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