This Photo of a Postman Standing in the Rain Is Going Viral for a Very Touching Reason

Working as a mail carrier, you never know what to expect especially when it comes to braving the elements. On a day when it was pouring rain, one mail carrier took the time to stop and pay his respects when a funeral procession was passing by.

It was the father of Carole Chase-Draughan that passed away, a WWII Veteran. This mail carrier named Glenn Corbett could have continued walking as it was raining but he was respectful. As a society, some of us have lost this sign of respect; however, it is times like these that people like Glenn Corbett can show us the way.

Photo of Respectful Postman Is Going Viral for a Touching Reason.

I anticipate this photo will be forever remembered as the ultimate sign of respect and it meant so much to the grieving family. Please share this wonderful photo of a respectful mail carrier with your friends and family.

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