15 Best Lasagna Recipes to Make Pasta Night Extra Special

No matter how you spell it, lasagna or lasagne, it’s one of the best pasta dishes on the planet. It’s thought to have originated in Italy, specifically, the Napoli region but the person responsible for it is a genius. Here are 15 of the best lasagna recipes on the web and hope you enjoy.

1) Best Lasagna Recipes – World’s Best Lasagna

This lasagna recipe has been the most popular recipe on allrecipes.com for over 12 years and for good reason. Get the recipe!

2) Sausage Lasagna

Italian sausages add tons of flavor to this lasagna recipe by the Food Network. Get the recipe!

3) Simple Baked Lasagne

Jamie Oliver’s lasagna recipe features beef, pork, and pancetta. Mmm looks good. Get the recipe!

4) Classic Lasagna

This lasagna recipe from Canadian Living will have your guests asking for a second piece. Get the recipe!

5) Quick-Fire Lasagne

A quick and easy lasagna recipe by Wattie’s you’re sure to enjoy. Get the recipe!

6) Italian Sausage Lasagna

When a lasagna recipe is this easy, you don’t need frozen lasagna. Get this recipe and make it from scratch.

7) Squash and Broccoli Rabe Lasagna

A vegetarian lasagna recipe by Bon Appétit that looks as great as it tastes. Get the recipe!

8) 15-Minute Lasagna

A stovetop lasagna recipe by Kevin & Amanda to get your lasagna fix in only 15 minutes! Get the recipe!

9) Creamy White Chicken & Artichoke Lasagna

If you prefer using chicken, this lasagna recipe by Kraft is one of the best and so good. Get the recipe!

10) Absolute Best Ever Lasagna

15 Best Lasagna Recipes - Absolute Best Ever Lasagna Recipe.

geniuskitchen.com. Image by carmenskitchen.

If you’re looking for a classic lasagna recipe, this is another one of our favorites by Genius Kitchen. Get the recipe!

11) Winter Greens Lasagna

Another great vegetarian lasagna with kale and Swiss chard by Chowhound. Get the recipe!

12) Garlic Parmesan Chicken Lasagna Bake

3 words: This dish rocks! An awesome chicken lasagna casserole by Pinch of Yum that will be a winner at any dinner table. Get the recipe.

13) The Best Damn Lasagna on Earth

This no-nonsense lasagna recipe by The Ramblings of an Aspiring Small Town Girl definitely is a contender for the best lasagna on earth. Get the recipe!

14) Chicken Mushroom and Spinach Lasagna

A chicken mushroom and spinach lasagna recipe from Little Broken that provides a new twist on traditional lasagna. Get the recipe!

15) “Just Like the Real Thing” Low Carb Keto Lasagna

If you follow a low carb lifestyle or on a Keto diet plan, you can still enjoy delicious lasagna with this keto lasagna recipe by Peace, Love and Low Carb. Get the recipe!

If you don’t already have a favorite lasagna recipe or looking for a new favorite, these lasagna recipes are sure to be a hit. Please SHARE some of the best lasagna recipes on the web with your friends and family.

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