10 Amazing Life Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life Right Now

I can’t get enough life hacks because anything that can simplify my life is immediately welcomed. There are so many great tips to help out with daily tasks and these 10 amazing life hacks will help you with everything from finding a lost phone to sleeping better without purchasing new pillows or replacing your mattress.

10 Amazing Life Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life Right Now.

YouTuber Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”, gives us great life hacks and brilliant tips to solve these everyday problems:

  1. How to block ads on smartphones
  2. How to always park at the gas station with the gas cap on the proper side
  3. How to start a charcoal BBQ with potato chips
  4. How to easily peel a kiwi
  5. How to increase your chances of having your lost smartphone returned to you
  6. How to always get the perfect shower temperature
  7. How to keep your dress tie in place
  8. How to prevent kitchen rolls from falling out
  9. How to get a better night’s sleep with your existing pillows
  10. How to make a plastic bag dispenser

Watch these amazing and life-changing life hacks…


Here is a bonus life hack to use diapers to keep your plants healthy! If these life hacks have piqued your interest, prepare to be amazed by an additional 52 hacks that would even make MacGyver envious. These innovative tips cover a wide range of areas, including organization, cleaning, cooking, and much more. Each hack is designed to simplify your life and make everyday tasks easier and more efficient.

From starting a BBQ with potato chips to peeling a kiwi like a boss, these hacks will have you wondering how you ever lived without them. Whether you’re a seasoned life hacker or new to the concept, there’s no doubt you’ll find something useful and inspiring among this treasure trove of ideas.

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