A Pediatrician Stopped a Baby from Crying by Doing THIS. His Technique Is so Simple You Won’t Believe It.

How To Calm A Crying Baby Using "The Hold" Technique by Dr. Hamilton.

Having a baby is one of the miracles of life but when our baby is upset or crying, it can be difficult to determine why they are crying or even more difficult to stop them from crying. Health professionals who work with babies on a daily basis have several techniques for calming a baby and one pediatrician has a technique that is incredibly simple and effective.

Dr. Hamilton, a pediatrician in Santa Monica, California, has developed a technique called “The Hold” that includes only 4 simple steps but as you’ll see in the video, they work even on babies that recently had a shot. Here are the steps for calming a baby:

1. Fold both arms across the chest.
2. Secure arms gently.
3. Grasp diaper area.
4. Rock babies at a 45 degree angle while gently shaking their bottom.


Dr. Hamilton does caution that after 2-3 months, the baby does get heavier so this technique might become more difficult. Please share this incredible technique to stop a baby from crying with your friends and family.

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