They Never Have Time to Visit Their Dad at Christmas. When They Were Invited to His Funeral, THIS Happened.

Edeka 2015 Christmas Ad Tugs at Your Heartstrings and Never Lets Go.

The holidays are a busy time for everyone. We get so involved with work, school, or even our own families that we sometimes forget about our loved ones. As we grow older, families sometimes grow apart and we might not spend as much time with our siblings and elderly parents as we used to but it is so important to stay close as a family and reunite as often as possible.

In this tearjerking Edeka commercial, German grocery chain Edeka tells the story of a father who invites his children for Christmas dinner every year but his children never have time and are too busy with their own lives. When they receive the devastating news that their father has passed away, they finally make the trip to visit their dad for one last time but get a surprise they would have never expected.

Watch this emotional Christmas Edeka Commercial by German grocery chain Edeka…


Need a tissue? I know I do. This ad really reminds us of what is important during the holidays or anytime during the year for that matter. You could be the richest person in the world but without a family, you are still poor. The most important thing in life is family.

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