She Sprayed THIS on Her Frozen Windshield and It Removed All the Ice. I Have to Try This!

De-ice Your Windshield with this DIY Homemade De-icer Spray.

If there is one thing about winter that I could do without, it’s scraping ice from my windshield on a cold winter morning. It is sometimes so difficult to remove that you have to run the car for a few minutes to help loosen it up.

Using this awesome tip by YouTuber Living On A Dime, simply mixing a mixture of 2 parts rubbing alcohol to one part water will easily help remove stubborn ice from your windshield. Apparently, 70% isopropyl alcohol works best and won’t damage your car’s paint. Just spray on the homemade de-icer on your windshield and watch the ice gently melt away or at least break away into chunks which can be easily removed with a snow scraper!

Watch how to make this homemade de-icer spray for frozen windshields!


Having to deal with an icy windshield is even worse when you’re late for work so try this tip next time and let us know in the comments how it worked. Please share this great tip for easily scraping away ice from your windshield with homemade de-icer with your friends and family.

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