I Laughed When a Young Boy at a Baseball Game Gave His Foul Ball to a Young Woman. OMG, You Will Too!

A Young Boy Gives His Baseball to a Pretty Woman Behind Him.

If you have ever attended a major league baseball game, catching a foul ball is an amazing experience. For this young boy, he came to a Toronto Blue Jays and Texas Rangers game prepared. With a glove in his hand, he waited patiently for a foul ball to land in his direction.

Luckily, he caught the ball that was thrown by Luis Rivera, the third base coach, and what he does next is one sly move. The young boy then gives a baseball to a pretty young woman behind him but keep an eye on his glove, LOL! He wanted to make a great impression with the young ladies behind him but his gesture was genuine, just like this boy that gave his hockey stick to a young girl battling cancer.

Watch a young fan give a baseball to a pretty lady…


That is one smooth but sneaky move young man…hilarious! Please share this young baseball fan giving a baseball to a young woman with your friends and family.

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