Arty the Golden Retriever Is Afraid of Doorways and How He Gets Through Them Is Hilarious

Arty the Golden Retriever Hilariously Overcomes His Fears. Dog afraid of carpet is hilarious!

I have seen dogs that are afraid of cats, dogs that are afraid of riding in the car, but never have I seen a dog afraid of an entrance way. Arty the Golden Retriever is adorable but he has a serious fear of walking through doorways; however, he has an ingenious way of working through his fear.

As his family cheers him on to walk through the doorway, he is a little hesitant. He bravely walks further into the kitchen and decides to try again using a new technique. He will have you laughing because he is so cute!

Watch this dog afraid of carpet conquering his fear by walking on it…


I’m giving Arty a high-five for conquering his fear and finding a way to get through the doorway on his own terms. Please share Arty the Golden Retriever conquering his fear with your friends and family.

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