A Yorkie Jumps Like Crazy From Bed to Bed but You’ll Laugh When You Find Out Why

My sister has a Yorkie and I¬†know that they have bundles of energy; however, I couldn’t believe how much energy this particular jumping Yorkie had. After spotting a hamster, he gets super excited and jumps excitedly to catch a glimpse of the new pet.

Yorkie Jumping for a Hamster Between Beds Like a Trampoline.

You would almost think that the hamster is controlling the dog with mind control because the Yorkie jumps non-stop in the same adorable pattern. While he’s only jumping from bed to bed, it almost seems like he’s jumping on trampolines!

Watch this adorable Yorkie jumping for a hamster…


I got tired from just watching this cute Yorkie jump like crazy! Just like this dog playing fetch by himself, I can just imagine how tired he must have been that night. Please share this funny Yorkie jumping up and down for a hamster to catch a better glimpse of it with your friends and family.

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