A Panda Is Cute but a Panda Sliding in the Snow Will Make Your Head Explode

Da Mao the panda, one of two giant pandas at the Toronto Zoo is famous for playing in the snow. There is a video from earlier this year with him enjoying the snow. He was rolling around, jumping from one mound to another, and eventually sliding down a snowbank. He looked like he was having so much fun!

Da Mao the Funny Panda Sliding in the Snow. This Is So Cute!

In this latest video from the Toronto Zoo, Da Mao slides down the hill like a little kid and quickly climbs back up to slide again. Their security cameras captured footage of the giant panda Da Mao taking part in an exhilarating winter activity. It looked like bear-bogganing! Who would have thought that he had invented a new sport?

Watch Da Mao, a funny panda at the Toronto Zoo sliding in the snow…


This panda sure loves playing in the white stuff and the spectators love watching him even more. Imagine if we could all have that much fun in the snow! So, next time you’re visiting the zoo, be sure to watch Da Mao for some serious winter entertainment. He will keep you laughing and your head exploding with joy at the same time.

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