The Police Had to Escort This Animal Out of the City and Even Had to Block off the Streets

The police had to escort this moose in Timmins, Ontario out of the city safely.

We all know Canada has its share of Moose; however, some residents of Timmins, Ontario had to call the police to escort one out of the city safely. It’s not like this moose was destroying a Prius or personal property. The moose was out for a stroll on the streets and taking in the view and YouTuber Chris Belec recorded the entire incident.

To avoid any possible collisions, police blocked off some roads and methodically guided it out of the city and safely into the woods.

Watch this moose in Timmins, Ontario out for a stroll in the city…


Just like this driver that avoids 4 moose on a snowy road, I’m sure it’s common to have moose wandering out of the woods as they try to find food. Thankfully, nobody got hurt and the moose is safe!

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