This Woman Will Never Send Her Husband Out to the Grocery Store Again. You Won’t Believe What He Did!

Christian comedian Jeanne Robertson Will Never Send Her Husband Out Grocery Shopping.

First, let’s get something clear. Jeanne Robertson is funny. I mean, hilariously funny. Her observational humor is spot-on and her stories about life experiences will have you in stitches.

In this comedic performance, Robertson explains why she never wants to send her husband out to the grocery store. Once you find out why, you’ll be laughing until your stomach hurts. In case you’re wondering what the term “Left Brain” is referring to, it’s her husband. 🙂

Watch comedian Jeanne Robertson explain why she recommends not sending a man to the grocery store!


I will admit that following a grocery list is sometimes not as easy as most people think, especially when you’re unfamiliar with some food items. But in this case, it was absolutely hilarious!

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