Wild Crow Speaks to Squirrel Eating Peanuts at a Bird Feeder. He Is Amazing!

Wild Crow Speaks Squirrel Eating Peanuts Bird Feeder

Birds are amazing creatures and most breeds are incredibly smart. Crows, in particular, are excellent problem-solvers and while highly territorial, one crow wanted to share food with a squirrel.

Unlike this parrot that loses it when he sees a turtle’s reflection, this wild crow says ‘hello’ when he sees a big fat squirrel eating peanuts in the “bird feeder”. While crows and squirrels generally don’t get along, this crow greeted him twice and the squirrel gently climbed down the tree.

Crows are incredibly smart and awesome at problem-solving.

Wild Crow Speaks to Squirrel Eating Peanuts at a Bird Feeder.

The amazing thing is, this particular crow was actually raised by humans and was taught to say ‘hello’. After baby crows fell from a nest and their parents didn’t come back, they were urgently brought to an animal hospital to be fed. Dr. Kristy Hiltz, a veterinarian at Sherbrooke Heights Animal Hospital took on the task of feeding the five hungry baby crows.

Unfortunately, one of the crows didn’t survive; however, the remaining four crows became part of her family and she even gave them names. Russell Crow, Crow Magnon, Baby Fred, and Adventure Fred were now known as the famous “Freds”. She even tried to make them learn how to say ‘Fred’ but instead, they learned to say ‘hello’. As they grew older, she taught them how to become self-sufficient and find berries, worms, and of course peanuts!

Watch this wild crow actually speaking to a squirrel at a bird feeder…


It’s also heartwarming to learn that the four crows were accepted by a flock of wild crows and together they migrate every year. They even stop by for a visit to say ‘hello’ to Kristy and remember who took care of them.

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