Darius Rucker Brings It Home with His New Christmas Single ‘What God Wants for Christmas’

Darius Rucker Holiday Video "What God Wants for Christmas."

During the Christmas Season, we sometimes might wonder what our kids want for Christmas but sometimes fail to wonder what God wants for Christmas. Darius Rucker provides us with an answer that makes us remember what Christmas is all about.

This beautiful Christmas video features a fantastic song and images of families coming together to share time with one another. Rucker also made the video a family affair and includes his wife Beth, son Jack and daughters, Carolyn and Daniella. In addition, several kids from the MUSC Children’s Health Network in Charleston, North Carolina also appear in the video. In fact, the song was inspired by the children from the Children’s Hospital where Rucker is a board member.

Watch Darius Rucker perform ‘What God Wants For Christmas’…


You can purchase Rucker’s new CD entitled ‘Home For The Holidays’ on his website, dariusrucker.com. Please share this beautiful Christmas song by Darius Rucker with your friends and family.

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